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Thank you for visiting. This site is about myself, the books THE SAPPHIRE PRINCESS and THE RISE OF A LEGEND, and all the interesting characters within The Land: Miss Joney, Jon Lommax, King Arturis, the Scribe, Wesstan, Grufton, Sama, Heltor, Ramsor, Rebekkah Majeez, Kiylor Vida, Queen Ellee and a host of others. Not to mention the hottest combat format gripping Castlelon, namely CREATURE FIGHTING!Click on the links below:

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We all start out life not knowing our role; unsure of our purpose. It is no different in The Land as a seventeen year old tries to find her way. Born of two different races, she will learn much about herself after receiving a critical task in a foreign realm. However, things got awry fast. Now, her role takes on new meaning as she tries to overcome adversity alongside some important and influential friends. Will she find love along the way? Will she succeed? Will she survive? Will any of them?


In the kingdom of Castlelon, progressive King Arturis has expanded an entity which he hopes will bring prosperity to the population of poor and downtrodden Creatures that roam The Land. Indeed, man has not been kind to these colorful titans. However, the goal is for ‘Creature Fighting’ to enhance their status, making some rich and others famous in the process. One Creature sees it differently though; he believes that becoming Champion will be the pathway to avenging his clan and reclaiming their homeland. With the help of a few important mentors along the way, he spends years preparing himself to conquer the Krakton and their leader, the accursed Magnus. In the course of it, he becomes a luminary to all – men and Creature alike. They each witnessed THE RISE OF A LEGEND.

About Me

From CPA to corporate recruiter to... indie author? Not exactly a traditional path, but an exciting one nevertheless! In 2022, armed with a thirty year old story in my head, I started to write. Months later, through painful tennis-elbow in both arms (I don't even play tennis!), I finally completed THE RISE OF A LEGEND. A year later I published THE SAPPHIRE PRINCESS. I hope you enjoy them both!

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